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To ensure the proper growth of commercial plant life, 16 elements must be present in the soil. Over time, drainage and excessive farming deplete the fields of these vital elements, which include calcium, carbon, hydrogen, iron, magnesium, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, potassium and sulphur. Calcium, nitrogen, potassium and sulphur are known to dissipate most rapidly, and Bumper Harvest® gypsum plays an essential role in their replenishment, while providing an indirect source of potassium.

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As a soil amendment, gypsum is beneficial and economical. Bumper Harvest® gypsum is processed from pure uncalcined gypsum, ground to a fineness of 70 - 90 percent through a 100 mesh. In this form, it is widely used to increase yields in a variety of crops, as well as for environmental landscaping, park and lawn maintenance, golf courses, athletic fields, commercial mushroom cultivation, and poultry breeding.

The chemical analysis of agricultural gypsum, or land plaster, is expressed as a minimum calcium sulphate based upon dihydrate. Applied to the soil, this hard-working additive provides essential elements in an easily assimilated form.

Because gypsum is slowly soluble, its benefits extend over a long period of time. Gypsum has a neutral pH; no extra expense is required to counteract souring or sweetening effects. Excellent for flocculation, gypsum prevents soil hardening and slick spots. And soil stabilized with gypsum is readily accessible to farming equipment.

Exceptional Quality, Reliable Consistency
Bumper Harvest gypsum rates uniformly high in quality and purity. You can count on it to make a consistent contribution to healthy and sustained crop growth. For specifications, call 800-695-6367.

Gypsum at Work
As a direct source of sulphur and calcium, and an indirect potassium source, Bumper Harvest gypsum promotes growth by aiding in the formation of protein and stimulating chlorophyll development — without the need for lime to sweeten the soil.

For nitrogen replenishment, and as an indirect nitrogen source, Bumper Harvest gypsum is used by nitrifying bacteria in cover crops such as clover, resulting in increased crop yields.

Used with phosphate rock fertilizers, Bumper Harvest gypsum is cheaper than chemical treatments. Adding equal parts gypsum yields water-soluble phosphate at a lower expense than chemical alternatives, and with superior results.

Potassium, while found in practically all soils, is present in complex forms that are not usable by plants. However, Bumper Harvest gypsum reacts slowly with complex silicates to liberate soluble potassium salts, making essential elements available in a form that plants can readily use.

A valuable and highly efficient soil conditioner, Bumper Harvest gypsum corrects the absorption properties of high-sodium irrigation water. In “black alkali” soils unfit for vegetation, gypsum restores a proper calcium balance. Gypsum is also used for wet spot drainage and the clearing of ponds, where it combines tiny clay particles into larger aggregates for better solids removal.

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